This CNY Set Menu is valid from 1 Feb – 2 March

CNY Eve Reunion Dinner Schedule

15th February 2018
(Please indicate your preferred time)

1st serving : 12.30pm till 2.00pm

2nd serving :  4.30pm  till 6.00pm

3rd serving :  6.30pm  till 8.00pm
(If you preferred on this timing, please contact us @ 81131330 for more options)
4th serving : 8.30pm till 10.00pm

Min of $100 Deposit Require per Table Reserve.

**Reservation is not available or fully booked on :
9th Feb Dinner Time – Full
10th Feb Dinner Time- Full
16th Feb 1st day of CNY – Closed

Order received after office hours, confirmation will be sent on the next working day. Payment is non refundable.

Please contact 81131330/67421119 for more details.

$100 per table (SET A)
$100 per table (SET B)
$100 per table (SET C)
$100 per table (SET D)
$100 per table (SET E)
$100 per table (SET F)
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